Saturday, March 19, 2011

Suck On This Year by Denis Leary

In this book, Dennis Leary, who most people know both as an actor on FX's drama Rescue Me and as a comic, collects his tweets on various subjects and people into a book.  Those who know Leary's work know that this book is not PG-13, but those unfamiliar should be aware that there are sexual situations and strong language.  That being said, as with most of what Leary produces, the reader will walk away entertained.

He got the inspiration from his reactions to various stories in the news.  In the past, he would make a comment about situations at work, and unless he was collecting material for a comedy tour, these comments would be lost.  Leary decided to use the new media, and Twitter in particular, to put these comments out for his audience.  Each page of the book has the story he is reacting to followed by his Tweet.  Many also have images of the people being discussed.

Some of my favorites include, "Lettuce recalled in 23 states" "Experts fear it could affect up to 5 Americans."  "Elena Kagen would become the 3rd Jewish Supreme Court Justice" "May mean nothing to you but it's killing Mel Gibson"  "Study: younger siblings take higher and much more dangerous risks" "I'm praying there's not a Betty Winehouse"

This book is recommended for readers looking for witty comments on current events.  Part of the sale price of each book goes to Leary's charity, The Leary Firefighters Foundation. 

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