Saturday, March 5, 2011

Staying At Daisy's by Jill Mansell

Daisy, after a failed marriage, finds herself back at home.  Home, in this case, is her father's hotel, and Daisy is managing it.  Managing a hotel is easy; managing relationships are not.  She thought her marriage to Steven was a dream come true, but his infidelity put an end to their love.  Before they divorced, Steven was killed in a car accident.  Now Daisy isn't sure she can trust any man, although there are several around.  Dev is a famous national sports star, and he seems interested, or is he?  Josh is a former boyfriend who has popped back up and into her life.

As tough as love is for Daisy, she is not alone.  There is Barney, who comes to the hotel to thank Daisy for donating her husband's kidney to him and finds exactly what he has been looking for his whole life.  The problem is that what he has found is the woman who was involved with Steven.  Then there is Tara, Daisy's best friend, who can't seem to catch a break with men, and always gets taken for granted.  Even Daisy's father has a mystery love affair that may or may not work out.

Reading a Jill Mansell book is like settling on the back porch with a glass of ice tea, while the flowers bloom and the wind whispers.  Her characters are recognizable, and written with charm and wit.  Humor and a refusal to let life defeat them is a mainstay, and this is a wonderful change from the tragic books that abound in the marketplace.  Readers will laugh out loud, and cheer for the characters who manage to resolve their life issues.  This book is recommended for readers ready for a light-hearted book that carries a powerful message.

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Jill Mansell said...

Hi Sandie,
What a lovely way to describe my book - thank you so much! It made me want to go and sit out on our porch, except it's icy outside...
I'm thrilled you enjoyed my writing. Thanks again for such a wonderful review.