Thursday, March 3, 2011

Redemption by Laurel Dewey

Jane Perry has left the Denver police department.  Battered by the successful murder investigation she has completed, but still tormented by her personal demons, she has started her own private investigation agency.  After having a drug sting go wrong and her work co-opted by the FBI, she is at loose ends when Kit Clark approaches her.

Kit's granddaughter was kidnapped and murdered fourteen years ago.  The man who committed the crime was convicted but has been released due to questionable evidence and the personal sponsorship of a fundamentalist leader who vouches for him.  Kit knows that the man, Lou Peters, was guilty, and is determined to get him back in jail.  Now there is a new reason to worry; another girl from Peters's town is missing.

Fourteen years ago, Peters waited fourteen days while he raped and tortured his victim before killing her.  This victim is twelve, so Kit and Jane believe there are twelve days for them to find her before she is killed.  Can an avenging grandmother and a fledgling private investigator without her police force resources find the girl before time runs out?

Laurel Dewey has created a memorable protagonist in Jane Perry.  Haunted by her upbringing by an alcoholic, abusive father, she trusts no one.  She is fighting her own alcohol issues and trying to find peace in her personal life.  The book is full of other characters such as the fundamentalist, Jane's brother, a TV talking head whose mannerisms are instantly recognizable, and Jane's former boss who refuses to give up on her.  This is the second book in Dewey's series about Jane Perry.  Her first in the series, Protector, is available for Kindle and Nook free through March 11th, 2011.  This book is recommended for mystery readers and those interested in strong female characters.

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Redemption,private investigator Jane Perry, a former Denver Police detective, takes a road trip from Denver to Los angeles together with her client, Kit Clark.