Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Murder Takes The Cake by Gayle Trent

Emotionally exhausted after her escape from an abusive marriage, Daphne Martin moves back to her hometown and opens a cake-baking and decorating business.  Things are starting to look up and she is getting orders when bad luck strikes.

Daphne has landed an order from the town gossip, Yodel Watson.  If she can impress her, the word-of-mouth will insure lots of business coming her way.  But when she goes to Yodel's house to deliver the cake, she finds her dead body.  Worse, the police believe Yodel was murdered.  Much worse, Yodel was poisoned.

Reaction is immediate.  Orders drop off.  The local grocery has to remove Daphne's business card in order to sell her cakes.  As Daphne runs errands around town, she picks up gossip, about her and her cakes, and about her family.  Desperate not to fail, Daphne decides she must take an active hand in solving the murder.  To do so, she has to face the possibility that her family's deepest darkest secrets will be revealed.  Can Daphne solve the mystery of Yodel's death?

Gayle Trent has created a likeable main character and a cozy murder story that isn't too precious, as some cozies can be.  The setting and family relationships are believable and realistic, and the plot unfolds satisfactorily, keeping the reader's interest.  This book is recommended for mystery lovers who are looking for a new series to get involved with. 

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Sarah Allen said...

Ooh, looks like a great story. Thanks for the review :)

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