Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Secret Garden and Don Quixote by Jennifer Adams

Up today are two charming board books for toddlers.  Both are by the partnership of Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver.  The words are supplied by Jennifer while Alison does the artwork.  The Don Quixote is a Spanish language primer.  On each page set, a word relating to the novel is given in English on the left and in Spanish on the right.  Examples include windmills, friend, and horse.

In The Secret Garden, each set of pages has a different beautiful flower drawing, with an accompanying quote on the opposite page.  Each set is done in a different color, and the entire effect is of color and movement.  It is full of the reasons we grow and love flowers.

Either or both of these board books will provide hours of fun for toddlers, while also teaching vocabulary and picture recognition.  The pair have an entire series of what they call BabyLit.  Other titles in the series include Huckleberry Finn, Pride and Prejudice, the Jungle Book, Moby Dick and Frankenstein.  These are fun and entertaining books and are recommended for anyone who has a toddler.

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