Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Booksie's Shelves, July 7, 2015

It's hard to believe summer is half over already!  The Booksie family has a few more summer vacation trips planned.  We haven't even been to the beach yet this summer, and in North Carolina, that's a heresy.  Then there are college visits to plan and relatives to visit.  Of course, all that traveling doesn't mean reading stops; the format just changes to emphasize more ebooks.  For some reason, I've gone on a book buying spree in the past few days, and we returned from Boston to find lots of book goodies. Here's what's come through the doors recently:

1.  The Undertaking, Audrey Magee, literary fiction, purchased
2.  Almost English, Charlotte Mendelson, literary fiction, purchased
3.  Devil's Harbor, Alex Gilly, mystery, sent by publisher
4.  The Facts Of Life And Death, Belinda Bauer, mystery, purchased
5.  Barbara The Slut, Lauren Holmes, anthology, Vine review book
6.  Trust Me, Earl Javorsky, mystery, sent by publisher
7.  Blind Justice, Ethan Cross, suspense, sent by publisher
8.  The Tears Of Dark Water, Corban Addison, literary fiction, sent by publisher
9.  The Star Side Of Bird Hill, Naomi Jackson, literary fiction, Vine review book
10. Jonesbridge, M.E. Parker, literary fiction, sent by publisher
11.  Orfeo, Richard Powers, literary fiction, purchased
12.  Everything I Never Told You, Celeste Ng, literary fiction, sent by publisher
13.  Kitchens Of The Great Midwest, J. Ryan Stradal, literary fiction, sent for book tour
14.  Five Star Billionaire, Tash Aw, literary fiction, purchased

Here's what I'm reading:

1.  Cartwheel, Jennifer duBois, Kindle
2.  A Dance For Dragons, George R. R. Martin, hardback
4.  Barracuda, Christos Tsiolkas, hardback
5.  Blood Moon, Alexandra Sokoloff,  paperback
6.  The Orchid Affair, Lauren Willig, hardback
7. The Winter Family, Clifford Jackman,  hardback
8.  Mystery Walk, Robert McCammon, Kindle Fire
9.  AWOL On The Appalachian Trail, David Miller,  audio
10.  One Evil Act, Elizabeth George, hardback
11.  Meet Me In Atlantis, Mark Adams, paperback
12.  The Stranger, Harlen Corben, paperback
13.  Beautiful Death, Fiona McIntosh, Kindle Fire
14.  The Devil In The Marshalsea, Antonia Hodgson, paperback
15.  The Sunrise, Victoria Hislop, paperback
16.  The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison, hardback

  Happy Reading!

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