Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kitchens Of The Great Midwest

Eva Thorvald is a very lucky young woman.  Born to a father who is a chef and a mother who is a wine expert, Eva is born with a miraculous palate and an innate ability to cook wonderful food.  The fact that she is raised in poverty and ostracized at her middle school has no effect on her abilities.  She seeks out mentors and some of the best known and talented chefs in the various towns Eva and her father live in take her under their wing.

In Kitchens Of The Great Midwest, the reader follows Eva in her trip from kitchen to kitchen.  Wherever she goes, everyone loves her food and everyone loves Eva, recognizing her as a special person.  Although she may leave people after a short while, each is affected for life through knowing her.

The food is the thing, and it must be fresh and local.  Eva rides the crest of the farm to table food movement and when she needs to, grows her own ingredients.  Each chapter is organized around one dish and tells its backstory, the circumstances surrounding Eva's use of the recipe and how its effect echoes down the years. 

Kitchens Of The Great Midwest has already won accolades.  It is an August Indie Next pick.  The American Booksellers Association has chosen it as an 'Indies Introduce' pick.  It's the number one pick of LibraryReads for July, and is the Penguin Random House 'Title Wave Pick.'  Each organization recognizes it's potential for success with an original story, interesting characters, its interweaving of those characters to make up Eva's life and the documentation of the foodie movement.  This book is recommended for readers of literary fiction and for foodies everywhere. 

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