Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Norah Kelly, a famous archaeologist, and William Smithback, New York Times reporter, are celebrating their first wedding anniversary.  But the celebration turns tragic when a man breaks into their apartment and kills Smithback.  The man is easily identifiable; he's one of their neighbors.  The police expect an easy arrest until they learn that the neighbor had been declared dead a week before. 

Police Lieutenant Vinnie D'Agosto is assigned the case which gets stranger and stranger.  Norah is stalked by a hulking figure that seems to be the neighbor and then later, after his body is stolen from the morgue, by her dead husband Smithback.  There are fetishes found and the newspapers jump on this evidence of voodoo and start to call the figures zombies.  D'Agosto is joined in his hunt for the killers by Special FBI Agent Aloysius Pendergast.

There is mystery galore.  An ancient church taken over by a cult seems to be involved.  There is a young newspaper reporter who is caught up in the story, and more and more sightings of the mysterious figures.  Then Norah is kidnapped.  Can Pendergast and D'Agosto solve the mystery before more people are killed, sending the city into panic?

This is the ninth Pendergast/D'Agosto mystery written by this successful team of authors.  Fans of their earlier works will not be disappointed and those mystery readers who haven't yet experienced a Preston/Child book will find a new series to explore.  This book is recommended for mystery lovers of all ages.

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