Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Breakfast In Bed by Robin Kaye

Becca Larsen lands in New York City, ready to take on the art world.  When she moves into the apartment she sublet while her apartment and studio are being renovated, there's a slight problem.  There's already a tenent, Rich Ronaldi, who has also just moved in.  Becca's brother is married to Rich's sister, and the couple each rented the apartment without checking with the other. 

Rich also has problems.  He has just taken a job as a psychology professor at Columbia, but his dean seems to think that Rich's fancy-free bachelor days should be coming to an end, and expects him to settle down.  On top of that, his girlfriend, Gina, has just dumped him because he is the typical spoiled Mama's Boy who expects every woman to wait on him.

Rich and Becca don't like each other, although each is attracted physically.  But both need a place to live, and Rich needs someone to help him learn to cook and clean and take care of himself.  They agree to share the apartment for a few months.  Will they overcome their intial feelings and learn to love each other?

Robin Kaye has written a wonderful romance.  Light-hearted in tone, it keeps the reader turning the pages to see what will happen next in this relationship.  The love scenes are steamy, and the characters are vivid.  This book is recommended to romance readers. 

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