Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buying Time by Pamela Samuels Young

Waverly Sloan can't believe his luck.  He just got disbarred as an attorney, but has fallen into a great new business.  Of course, not everyone would like it, but he isn't picky.  The viatical broker finds terminally ill patients with large life insurance policies.  He buys the policy for half price on behalf on his investor.  The patient gets some needed money for the end part of their life, and when they die, the investor gets the face value of the policy.  The broker takes his fee up front, and Waverly soon finds that these fees add up to substantial funds.

What could go wrong with that?  Let's see.  A drug dealer who decides Waverly is his best bet for laundering drug profits.  A federal prosecutor who is heading up a task force to investigate the industry and Waverly's office in particular.  Clients who die; and not from their diagnosed illnesses.  His clients are dying in car accidents, hit and runs or suspicious fires.  In particular, one case comes back to haunt him.  The new Attorney General of the United States used his services for his terminally ill wife.  The problem?  After she dies, it's determined that she was murdered.

Pamela Young has written a fast-paced mystery that keeps the reader turning pages to see what will happen next.  This book is recommended for mystery readers who like fast-paced action.

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Marjorie/cenya2 said...

I will definitely check this one
out, I like any book that is hard
to put down.
Thanks for the review.