Sunday, January 24, 2010

Better Part Of Darkness by Kelly Gay

Charlie Madigan is a newly divorced single mom who is also a cop.  That job is much more complicated now that beings from other worlds live here.  The Atlanta Underground crime scene has taken on a whole new meaning.  Charlie can handle the change though.  Brought back to life six months ago, she is discovering that she has new powers she never thought about.

There is a new drug hitting town.  Incredibly addictive, ash is like nothing ever seen, and Charlie and her partner Hank are put on the case to discover the pipeline selling the drug and to shut it down.  They are making progress on the case when they inadventently discover a major plot that makes selling drugs look like playing in a sandbox.  The plot will take over the entire Earth and make it habitable only for those from another world.  As Charlie and Hank race to find out the details and save the Earth, they take major hits to their families and regular lives.  Will they succeed before they are too damaged to fight?

Kelly Gay is a new voice in urban fantasy, but this book should gain her new readers and fans immediately.  The characters are memorable, and the plot is edge-of-your-seat.  Once started, this is a must-read book and readers will finish it ready for the next adventure of the team.  This book is recommended for urban fantasy and sci-fi readers.

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