Sunday, November 20, 2022

Testimony by Anita Shreve


It's a nightmare is everyone's first thought when they saw the video.  It's set in a dorm room at a private academy.  Three young men are there and one girl barely into her teens.  They proceed to have a sexual encounter that is videotaped and the tape is later released, both internally at the school and on the Internet.  The story hits the airwaves and is a national incident.  Is this what our young people are up to?  Did the girl consent or could she given her age?  What about the young men?  Are they all athletes?  How many other girls' lives have they ruined?

Anita Shreve tells the story of the incident from all sides.  There are the story of the girl, a newcomer to the school who leaves afterwards.  There are the stories of the young men, each of whom had a different reason for being there.  There are the stories of the parents of all of them.  There is the story of the headmaster of the academy and a recounting of the spotlight his actions are put under and the stories of the teachers.  There are the stories of the press.  But does anyone get it right?

Anita Shreve is an issue writer.  Fans of writers such as Diane Chambers and Celeste Ng will enjoy Shreve's work as well.  The ripples of one night cause waves in so many ways, disgrace, failed marriages, job loss, life plans ruined.  Some of the outcomes are predictable while others are not.  This book is recommended for readers of literary fiction.

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