Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Booksie's Shelves, November 29, 2022


Art by RF Skia and Culpeo S. Fox

It's the end of November and I've had a great reading month.  First, word on an oversight.  As you see above, I've added an artists' credit to the logo I've been using.  I thought it was a free image but I was mistaken so I'd like to apologize and make sure the artists, R.F. Skia and Culpeo S. Fox are acknowledged.  I've always loved this image so much.  I haven't done much Christmas shopping yet and I never know what to say when people ask me what I'd like.  What I love to get is an Amazon gift card or a gift card to a local bookstore.  It's pretty hard to surprise me with a book so I like to take the pressure off and do the book choosing myself.  My son sends me a list of what he wants so I'll be buying a stack of books for him soon.  Here's what's come through the door:

  1. Birthright, Charles Lambert, literary fiction, sent by publisher
  2. Super Host, Kate Russo, literary fiction, won at book event
  3. The Lady Upstairs, Halley Sutton, psychological suspense, won at book event
  4. Radiant Fugitives, Nawaaz Ahmed, literary fiction, won at book event
  5. Little Threats, Emily Schultz, psychological suspense, won at book event
  6. Winterland, Rae Meadows, literary fiction, sent by publisher
  7. The Door-Man, Peter M. Wheelwright, literary fiction, sent by author
  8. Because I Loved You, Donnaldson Brown, literary fiction, sent by publisher
  9. The Devil's Alphabet, Daryl Gregory, dystopian fiction, purchased
  10. Mr. Tender's Girl, Carter Wilson, mystery, purchased
  11. Trouble, Katja Ivar, mystery, sent by publisher
  12. The Mimicking Of Known Successes, Malka Older, science fiction, sent by publisher
  13. The Art Of Losing, Alice Zeniter, literary fiction, purchased
  14. Questions Of Travel, Michelle de Kretser, literary fiction, purchased
Here's the e-books I've bought:
  1. Midnight's Children, Salman Rushdie, literary fiction
  2. Distant Shores, Kristin Hannah, literary fiction
  3. The Dreamblood Duology, N.K. Jemisin, science fiction
  4. One Of Those Faces, Ellie Grawl, mystery
  5. The Secret World Of The Victorian Lodging House, Joseph O'Neill, literary fiction
  6. The Between, Ryan Leslie, horror
  7. Map's Edge, David Hair, fantasy
  8. Wild Fire, Ann Cleeves, mystery
  9. Silence, Thomas Perry, mystery
  10. The Tuskegee Strangler, Linda Lou Long, true crime
  11. Deep River, Karl Marlantes, literary fiction
  12. Careless Love, Peter Robinson, mystery
  13. Survive The Night, Riley Sager, mystery
  14. The Ancient Guide To Modern Life, Natalie Haynes, historical fiction
  15. March, Geraldine Brooks, historical fiction
  16. Degrees Of Darkness, Tony Forder, mystery
  17. Fifteen Coffins, Tony Forder, mystery
  18. An Elderly Lady Is Up To No Good, HeleneTursten, mystery
  19. Rhythm Of War, Brandon Sanderson, fantasy
  20. The Ink Black Heart, Robert Galbraith, mystery
  21. Greenlights, Matthew McConaughey, memoir
  22. Olga Dies Dreaming, Xochitl Gonzalez, literary fiction
  23. Funeral For A Friend, Brian Freeman, mystery
  24. Soul Fraud, Andrew Givler, fantasy
  25. Raising Steam, Terry Prachett, fantasy
  26. The Book Of Night Women, Marlon James, literary fiction
Here's what I'm reading:
  1. Alligator Candy, David Kushner, true crime, paperback
  2. She Who Became The Sun, Shelley Parker-Chan, fantasy, Kindle
  3. Grief, Robert Tanenbaum, mystery, Kindle
  4. The Last Chairlift, John Irving, literary fiction, hardback
  5. Taking The Stand, Alan Dershowitz, memoir, Kindle
  6. Fast Friends, Jill Mansell, women's fiction, paperback
  7. The Girl At My Door, Rebecca Griffiths, mystery, audiobook
Happy Reading!

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