Thursday, May 27, 2021

To The Power Of Three by Laura Lippman


They have been a force together since childhood.  Three best friends with no issues between them, just friendship.  Kat is the popular one; smart, beautiful but so friendly and open that no one seems jealous of her.  Josie is a tiny thing and an athlete who has a gymnastic scholarship already locked up.  Perri is the actress, always involved in a play and the acknowledged leader of the drama department.  But today is different.

At the end of today, one is dead, one is in the hospital in critical condition and the survivor isn't talking.  What went on in that bathroom at school?  How did the gun get there and who did the shooting?  What secrets had that friendship hidden?

Laura Lippman got her start in journalism, working on newspapers in Baltimore and writing for various magazines.  She has won the Edgar and Anthony mystery awards and has several series as well as stand alone novels.  Her work is known for going beyond the surface events to delve into the mysteries of the human psyche and that layer of complexity makes her work rich and compelling.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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