Thursday, May 20, 2021

No Rest For The Dead by Various Authors


Ten years ago a museum curator's body was found in an iron maiden which had been returned to Berlin.  The man was Christopher Thomas and his wife, Rosemary, was in charge of the department which had borrowed the iron maiden from the German museum.  When investigation showed that the couple had been fighting over Christopher's numerous infidelities and nefarious dealings, Rosemary was arrested.  Other evidence tied her to the crime and after a trial, she was convicted and eventually executed.

Now on the anniversary of her death, a memorial is planned where all the participants from a decade ago will be gathered.  There is Jon Nunn, the detective that found the evidence that convicted Rosemary but who now believes she was innocent.  Nunn's ex-wife is now married to a lawyer who had been involved in Thomas' activities.  Rosemary's brother inherited the vast family fortune once she was gone.  There are several women who were involved with Christopher.  Will the real killer be uncovered?

The real story about this book is that it is a joint effort of twenty-six different mystery authors.  Each chapter is written by a different author yet the narrative flow never feels disjointed or choppy.  The authors include well-known names such as Sandra Brown, Jeffrey Deaver, Faye Kellerman, R.L. Stine, J. A. Jance, Lisa Scottoline and Jeff Lindsay.  There are also authors which were new to me such as Andrew Gulli who was the main editor and whose idea the book was.  This book is recommended to mystery readers.

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