Saturday, May 8, 2021

Lost Light by Michael Connelly


Detective Harry Bosch is not an LAPD homicide detective any longer.  He has retired and several months in, he's pretty bored.  His thoughts turn to his cold cases, murders that didn't get solved which never set well with him.  He did get a private investigator's license so he decides why not poke around and get some answers?  Maybe the cases could be solved by someone who had nothing but time to devote to them instead of the constant interruption of new cases that handicapped investigations in the department. 

He decides on his first case.  A woman was found murdered in her apartment.  Several days later a robbery occurred that she seemed attached to.  A film about a robbery decided that only real money would do to be filmed and arranged to borrow two million in cash from a local bank.  The woman was a production assistant on the film.  But instead of filming the money, armed robbers appeared on the scene and made a getaway with the money.  Bosch had been there and wounded one of the robbers but they made their escape and had never been found, nor had the money.  The case went to the robbery division and the two detectives who headed the investigation didn't make much progress before their disaster.  The two men walked into a bar while a holdup was going on and a shootout occurred.  One was killed and the other was left a quadriplegic.  That pretty much made the case a cold one.

Bosch knows he won't get the cooperation he was used to as a detective with a badge but is surprised at the resistance he encounters as he investigates.  His former partner, moved into administration, turns up to warn him off the case.  The FBI are less polite.  They use intimidation to make it clear that this is their case as they believe one of their agents, now missing, is involved somehow.  But Bosch is determined to take the case to its conclusion and find out who killed the woman in the apartment all those years ago.  Will he be successful?

This is the ninth book in the Harry Bosch series.  Harry is the same determined man he was as an authorized detective and his tenaciousness and serious investigative skills make him a force.  His case takes him to Vegas where he reunites with his former love, Eleanor.  Readers of the series will remember their love and their breakup and will be cheering for them to reunite.  The mystery is tricky and Bosch sees things that would go over most people's heads; his dicey background making him adept at reading people and seeing duplicity that others would miss.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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