Sunday, December 6, 2020

Clawback by J.A. Jance


When Ali Reynolds turns on the news that morning, she heard something that she hadn't expected.  Dan Frazier is all over the news as one of the men behind a Ponzi scheme that leaves hundreds of small time investors penniless.  The name sticks with Ali because she knows Dan.  He's her parents' financial advisor and she knows they invested everything with him.  Are her parents now penniless?

Her father, Bob, has the same sick feeling and need to know.  Not only was Dan his advisor but he and his wife were social friends as well.  He can't believe that Dan would willingly wipe out all the funds he knew his friends counted on for retirement.  Bob decides to go to Dan's house to see what he has to say about things.  When he arrives, it's to a horrific scene.  Bob is in his car, obviously near death from stab wounds.  He begs Bob to go inside to check on his wife but Bob finds her near death as well.  He calls the police but when they arrive both individuals are dead and Bob is hustled off to police headquarters as the person on scene with blood-covered clothes.

Ali, who heads up a security firm with her husband, B, rush to Bob's defense.  After getting him a lawyer they manage to get him released but the detectives make it clear Bob is the main suspect.  Ali and B decide to dedicate all their firm's resources to clearing Bob's name and to recovering the funds that are missing.  Was Dan the crook or was it his fast-talking partner who has now disappeared?  With the help of their technical staff, Stu and Cami, the tangled web of stolen funds, offshore accounts and murder need to be untangled.

This is the eleventh in the Ali Reynold's series.  Jance has given enough backstory that readers can either read this one in sequence or as a standalone.  The plot is complicated enough that those who have technical skills won't be incredulous and explained simply enough that those without technical skills don't feel lost.  Ali's parents, Bob and Edie, are likeable and resourceful on their own and the reader cheers for them and hopes they recover the funds that will let them enjoy their well earned retirement.  This book is recommended for mystery readers. 

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