Saturday, December 26, 2020

A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter


The call is sad but routine.  A college student has been found dead under a bridge.  It is probably the usual suicide but coroner Sara Linton isn't sure.  There's something about the body that just doesn't seem right.  She is telling her ex-husband, the police chief, Jeffrey, that when she realizes something else isn't right.  Her sister had ridden along with her to the call as they were out running errands.  She went into the woods and hasn't returned.  When they find her, she is near death, stabbed and left for dead.

As Sara rushes with her parents to Atlanta to the hospital with her sister, Jeffrey starts to investigate.  The suspicion is deepened when the girl who found the body is found dead the next day, the body staged to again suggest suicide.  Jeffrey narrows in on a suspect, the son of a white supremacist.  But his former sergeant, Lena, now works as campus security and she doesn't believe the son is involved.  Jeffrey is furious and fearful as evidence starts to accumulate to suggest Lena herself could be involved.  She quit the force after she was kidnapped and held for several days a year ago.  Could she have strayed so far from the law she loved then?  Is this a revenge plot?  As the bodies continue to appear, Jeffrey and Sara must race against time to uncover the killer.

This is the third novel in the Grant County series by Karin Slaughter.  The main characters, Jeffrey and Sara, are still in limbo, back together after their divorce but not yet ready to make it permanent.  Jeffrey's need to protect Lena and her total rejection of his protection adds more suspense.  Slaughter has created an entire environment that the reader will recognize as they settle in for another suspenseful tale.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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