Sunday, August 16, 2020

Booksie's Shelves, August 16, 2020


Week way too many of the virus and its isolation.  We're still staying at home and wearing our masks on the rare occasions we go out.  We did go for a lovely drive to a marina yesterday just to get out and see some different scenery for a bit.  Our daughter has moved home after her recent university graduation and we're waiting to see what will be next for her.  The Booker Prize nominees were released since I wrote and this year's thirteen candidates include several debut novelists.   I've read six of last years nominees and I own all the rest so I'll get to them sooner or later.  I was thrilled to see Anne Tyler in the list this year; she has been a favorite author of mine for many years.  Here's the newest books I've acquired:

  1.  Impersonation, Heidi Pitlor, literary fiction, sent for a book review
  2. The Merciful, Jon Sealey, legal thriller, sent by publicist
  3. Under Your Skin, Rose McClelland, mystery, sent by publicist
  4. A Crown Of Swords, Robert Jordan, fantasy, purchased
  5. His Only Wife, Peace Adzo Medie, women's fiction, sent by publicist
  6. Hench, Natalie Walschots, literary fiction, won in contest
  7. The Prince Of Mournful Thoughts, Carolina Kim, anthology, sent by publicist
Here's the ebooks I've purchased since my last Booksie's Shelves:
  1. Bull Mouontain, Brian Panowich, literary fiction
  2. Spying On The South, Tony Horowitz, nonfiction
  3. Girl, Woman, Other, Bernadine Evisto, literary fiction
  4. Plague, C. C. Humphreys, historical mystery
  5. Visible Empire, Hannah Pittard, science fiction
  6. Spilled Blood, Brian Freeman, mystery
  7. Blood Orange, Harriet Tyce, literary fiction
  8. Tower Lord, Anthony Ryan, science fiction
  9. Make Me No Grave, Hayley Stone, mystery
  10. Don't Ever Forget, Matthew Ferrell, mystery
  11. House Of Rain, Craig Childs, nonfiction, history
  12. Fate Of Dragons, Alisha Klapheke, fantasy
  13. Song Of Kali, Dan Simmons, horror
  14. Nine Perfect Strangers, Liane Moriarty, mystery
  15. Hyperion, Dan Simmons, science fiction
Here's what I'm reading:
  1. Fair Warning, Michael Connelly, Kindle
  2. The Overstory, Richard Powers, audio
  3. Land Of Marvels, Barry Unsworth, paperback
  4. The Wolves Of Winter, Tyrell Johnson, Kindle
  5. Deep As Death, Katja Ivar, paperback
  6. The Lost City Of The Monkey God, Douglas Preston, hardback
  7. War For The Oaks, Emma Bull, paperback
  8. What You See, Hank Philipi Ryan, hardback
  9. In Plain Sight, Kathryn Casey, Kindle
  10. All The King's Men, Robert Penn Warren, Kindle
Happy Reading!

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