Monday, December 15, 2014

The Hidden Ones by Nancy Madore

Nadia Adeine seems to have it all as the CEO of a rescue organization devoted to helping those whose lives are ruined by disasters.  On top of her work, she is beautiful and well off financially.  But none of those things mean much when Nadia finds herself kidnapped by a secret society, one that stretches back centuries to that of the Essenes.

The men who kidnapped her believe that Nadia is the embodiment of evil.  They believe in the Biblical stories of the angels set to watch the earth, and the children they sired, the Nephilim, when they couldn't resist the women of Earth.  The Nephilim were giants, much more powerful and intelligent than those around them.  They were able to advance the lives of ancient civilizations.  But like many powerful individuals, over time their good turned to evil as they insisted on remaining in control.  The angels were sent to find and destroy all the Nephilim.  The Nephilim didn't want to go, and as they were killed, their souls did not move on, but roamed the Earth, searching for bodies they could inhabit.  They became known as djinn or demons.

The kidnappers believe Nadia is the human embodiment of a famous, strong djinn named Lilith.  They also believe that Lilith and others like her are about to launch a terrorist attack that will decimate the West.  Can Nadia convince them she isn't who they think she is in time for them to work together to foil the attack?

The Hidden Ones is the first book in a planned trilogy by Nancy Madore.  Her interest in history and mythology has led her to write this series.  The book is compelling as well as interesting, making it difficult to put down.  The reader is drawn into the world inhabited by the Nephilim, and unable to leave without finding out what happens next.  This book is recommended for readers of Christian literature, and fans of mythology.

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