Monday, December 22, 2014

Murder At The Book Group by Maggie King

When Hazel and Carlene become unhappy with the library's bookgroup, they decide to start their own.  They start a book group focusing on mysteries, taking turns hosting the club at the member's houses.  Most of their members are close friends or relatives and the group is a big success.  But this evening is different.  For some reason, Carlene is worked up, tearing a book to shreds.  That kind of attitude is one of the reasons the members didn't like the other group, so everyone is surprised and put off. 

The moment passes and the group moves on to a discussion of poisoning in books, specifically cyanide poisoning.  During the refreshment period, Carlene seems fine, serving the members food and drink, having her own special tea.  She asks to speak to Hazel in her office so the two leave for a moment.  Or so Hazel thinks.  Instead, Carlene collapses and dies before Hazel's eyes.  The verdict?  Cyanide poisoning.  Who did it?  The police believe it is suicide, as a note is found.

Hazel decides that she is in the best position to find out what really happened.  She and her cousin Lucy start to talk with everyone at the meeting and everyone who knew Carlene.  They quickly discover that she was not the reserved woman she seemed to be, but a woman who loved sex and who was not choosy about partners, taking husbands and boyfriends regardless of who else they were with.  She had affairs with co-workers and sons of friends, with strangers, with almost anyone.  Can Hazel and Lucy find out who was mad enough to take revenge?

Maggie King has written a mystery that seems more realistic than most mysteries.  The novel would be in the cozy category, with a cast of characters who each have a secret to hide.  King captures the inter-relationships that arise when people marry multiple times, and the way that a mystery can tear apart a social group.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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