Monday, January 6, 2014

The Longest Date by Cindy Chupack

The Longest Date is Cindy Chupack's memoir about falling in love and then marrying her husband, Ian.  Chupack is a successful author, working in television and part of the highly rated Sex And The City writing team.  Like her show, Cindy had been a single woman in the city for years, with multiple relationships of varying lengths.  She finally met and fell in love with Ian as they were entering their forties.

Chupack writes about topics that are common in many marriages.  Some are mundane, some heartbreaking, some hilarious.  They cover issues from nursing a husband through a cold, infertility, marriage vows, cooking, money and the decision to have a child.  The writing will make the reader laugh out loud in one chapter while bringing them to the point of tears in the next.  My personal favorite was the chapter about being supportive to a man who has a cold, which in many households translates into a major calamity.  Chupack's take on the situation was classic.

Cindy Chupack has won three Golden Globes and two Emmys for her work as a writer/producer of Sex And The City and Modern Family.  She also worked on Everyone Loves Raymond, Coach and Love Bites.  She has written about dating and relationships for many years in various venues, including Glamour and The Oprah Magazine.  Her insight into personal relationships in all their many facets told with her trademark humor makes The Longest Date a book that readers will read quickly and remember fondly. 

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