Friday, January 31, 2014

Find Momo by Andrew Kapp

  Momo is a gorgeous black and white border collie.  Along with his owner, Andrew Knapp, he travels extensively.  Andrew photographs him in different settings, cunningly hidden in the landscape.  This produces a fun coffee table book where individuals can take the time to find Momo on each page, marveling at the photography and how well he blends into the landscapes in which he finds himself.

Momo and Andrew are not particular and travel everywhere.  There are rural shots and city shots; Momo visits museums, doggie parks, mountains, the ocean, small farms, woods and a variety of other landscapes.  Occasionally, Andrew gives the reader a tidbit of information about Momo such as his fascination with cats. 

This is a fun book for all.  Children will enjoy the novelty of finding Momo on each page, while adults will be entranced with the photography. 

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