Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In A Small Town by Marc A. Di Giacomo

Detective Matt Longo is shot with a shotgun blast as he goes to pick up a pizza.  A young detective, he now has a shattered shoulder.  As he recuperates, he starts to look back over his career, and the deaths he has attended as a policeman.  He thinks about his fellow officers, especially his partner Donny Mello, who is currently in Italy attending a family member's funeral.

Eventually, Matt goes back to work.  Donny returns from Italy, and all returns to normal.  Or at least that's how it seems at first.  Then Matt gets the word from a FBI agent that the agency has information that the shooter who tried to kill him is coming back to finish the job.  Matt will need all his skill and connections to make sure that the assassin isn't successful.

Marc Di Giacomo is a retired, highly decorated police detective who worked for a police department in an affluent community in New York.  He draws on his real life experiences to show the reader what the daily life of a police detective is like, as well as the heart stopping terror it can provide at any moment.  This book is recommended for readers who like hard-boiled mystery stories.

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