Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Memoirs Of A Widowed Mistress by Megan van Eyck

On a trip to Hawaii, Megan van Eyck sat next to a man who she felt an instant attraction to.  Although she was married, she fantasized about meeting with him.  After her return when he called she immediately agreed to meet him, and quickly fell into an affair.  He was on his third marriage with grown children.  Van Eyck had two small children and a husband she felt was inattentive.

So started a five and a half year affair.  They met daily when he was in town, having hours of sex in her bedroom or in his.  She traveled on exotic trips with him, telling her husband her girlfriends had free air travel miles and wanted her to go with them.  Since she did not work outside the home, she was able to conceal her affair from her husband.

Megan came from an abusive background.  Her father alternately showered her with affection and then ignored her, chasing other women.  She learned from him and his women that women's only value is their looks and their ability to fulfill men's desires.  Her mother had mental issues, and after a divorce from her father, fell into an existence with little food in the house, filth everywhere and total emotional abandonment of her daughter.  Megan came out of this background with an emotional makeup that constantly led her to choose men who could not or would not love her.

Megan's affair went on for five years, ended only by the death of Carlos, her lover.  As he went through a final illness, she was banished from his life as his wife was with him.  She did not get to have a final goodbye with him, and the experience showed her how little she had settled for.  After Carlos' death, her husband found out about the affair by finding the memoir on her computer.

This book is recommended for readers interested in the mindset of those willing to have extramarital relationships.  Many will be turned off by Megan and her duplicitous ways, her willingness to betray her husband and children in an attempt to find a man who loved her.  Others will question her portrayal of her husband, who she admits was a great father and who supported the family by himself.  The reaction of her sons when they grow up and read this graphic account of their mother's sex life will upset some readers.  Others will admire her frankness and willingness to tell everything about her life.  The author remains married and with her family.

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Karen said...

I was looking specifically for this review (when I got sidetracked by reading so many others LOL). I thought it was FICTIONAL originally. This one will go on my list, it just sounds incredibly interesting.