Friday, April 29, 2011

Heart Of Deception by M. L. Malcolm

Leo Hoffman has led an unconventional life.  Born in Hungary, he fled to Shanghai with his adored wife after WWI.  When Shanghai fell and his wife was killed, he was able to get his daughter Maddy out and on her way to America.  Leo ended up in Cairo where his ability to speak multiple languages and willingness to be considered a shady character made him the perfect spy as WWII heated up.  On Leo's side, he was willing to take on this dangerous role for the reward offered; citizenship papers in the United States and a reunion with Maddy.

But the best-laid plans often go awry in war and the shadowy world of espionage.  Leo is captured by the Germans and sent to a work camp.  Years later, when he makes it to America, Maddy is a teenager, bitter that he had disappeared from her life and unwilling to let him back in.  He goes back to the world he knows and disappears once again, his whereabouts known only to his superiors at the CIA.

Maddy grows up, but into trouble.  She is torn between two men, one a boring conventional doctor whose family refuses to accept her as his wife, the other an exciting but dominating man she alternatively craves and fears.  She flees to the safety of a marriage to the doctor, but when it falls apart, she finds herself drawn back into the circle of the dangerous man she wanted to avoid.  As things grow steadily more dangerous, can Leo come back and be there for Maddy in her time of greatest need?

M.L. Malcolm has written a novel that will appeal to many readers.  It has romance, intrigue and suspense.  She artfully weaves real people, many in the early stages of the spy game, into the novel to lend it authenticity.  This book is recommended for readers who enjoy reading about life choices, where they lead, and the gift of second chances.


Anonymous said...

I had the chance to meet Ms. Malcolm last year and was very intrigued by her - I really need to make the time to read her books!

Thanks for being on the tour.

M.L. Malcolm said...

Thank you for the review! So glad you enjoyed the book. I will be at BEA and the Book Bloggers Convention in May. Please come introduce yourself if you're there; I'd love to be able to say hello.

Becca said...

This sounds really intriguing! Great review.