Thursday, January 12, 2023

Defense For The Devil by Kate Wilhelm


Mitch Arno has always meant trouble.  Although he came from a well-respected family, as a young man he left his wife, Margaret Fulsome, alone with two babies and no support.  Luckily, his family stepped in and Margaret has built a life with a bed and bath she bought with their help.  It's not much but it's enough to support her and her children.

Now Mitch is back in town and bad things are happening again.  He has shown up with a briefcase full of money and a fancy car.  When he is killed, Margaret goes to attorney Barbara Holloway for help.  Barbara is hesitant to take the case because it will interfere with her personal life and the man she loves who wants her to travel with him.  But she agrees.

Mitch's brother is charged with his death and Barbara is drawn deeper into danger.  Once she has secured the money for Margaret through a series of legal maneuvers, she is free to represent Ray Arno in his murder trial.  But as she does, she and her father, Frank, are drawn further and further into a world of deceit and murder and are in personal danger.  Will she risk her life to serve the law she loves?

This was my first Kate Wilhelm novel.  She has gained awards in both the mystery and science fiction genres and is a prolific author.  In this one, she lays out an intricate case that highlights both the difficulties of attorney work and the personal danger that can come to defense attorneys.  Her legal maneuvers will give the reader insights into legal work and her personal difficulties will make the reader be firmly on her side.  This book is recommended for mystery readers. 

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