Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Liar's Wife by Samantha Hayes

Ella lives a very restricted life.  She goes to work, works all day without socializing with her co-workers, rides her bike home where she spends her evenings alone, reading or doing embroidery.  She wants more but knows the scandal in her past prohibits that.  For all she knows, she is wanted by the police and if she isn't, she wants to stay under the radar so that she isn't.

Then it happens.  On the way home one dark, rainy night, a van comes out of nowhere and the next thing Ella remembers is waking up in the hospital where she is informed of her injuries and the lengthy recuperation she'll need.  But don't worry, the nurses tell her.  Your husband can take care of you.  With that, Ella raises her eyes and sees a face she never thought she'd see again, a face she thought she had killed one night all those years ago.

Although she denies being married to him, her objections are seen as part of her injuries and as soon as she is ready, she is sent off with the man she dreads seeing more than anyone.  Jacob has done everything to make sure his second chance at a life with Ella will work; he has bought a new house and furnished it with everything they need, including a security system that works to keep Ella prisoner during the days while he works.  He even makes friends with the neighbors to keep up the facade.  Ella realizes that it does no good to make waves and decides she will have to escape by her own wits.  Can she do that before her past catches up?

Samantha Hayes has written a psychological thriller that will make the reader squirm.  It is an impossible situation but is laid out in a way that makes it imaginable, although revolting.  Ella is determined to save herself no matter what happens and the introduction of a co-worker who has missed her and wants to help adds another dimension.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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