Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Gathering Prey by John Sandford

When Lucas Davenport's daughter, Lettie, meets two Travellers in San Francisco, he doesn't think much about it.  Lettie had listened to them playing music, and when they weren't getting much money for their mediocre performance, offered to buy them a meal.  They accepted and she talked with them a while about their lives traveling the country, making it by doing whatever they could to keep going.  She gave them contact information and told them she was about to head home for the summer to Minnesota and if they ever got there to give her a call, never expecting to hear from them again.

But she does.  She gets a call from the woman, Skye, who is distraught.  Her partner, Henry, had disappeared while they were out West.  He didn't show up at their agreed meeting place and she's heard rumors that he got caught up with a group headed by a shadowy figure who calls himself Pilate.  Pilate has a group who follows him and travels with him, dealing drugs and women and committing violence for the fun of it. Skye is afraid that the group may have harmed Henry.   Lettie fronts Skye the money to get to Minnesota and introduces her to Lucas.

At first Lucas is wary but soon realizes that the group may be in Minnesota or the neighboring states and that they are involved in several gory murders.  Now they are in his territory and even worse, are on the periphery of his daughter's life and perhaps she is in danger from them.  Can Lucas pull together the resources of several states in order to capture this modern Charles Mason and his followers?

This is the twenty-fifth book in the Prey series.  Lucas is getting older and less likely to care about the rules of the bureaucrats he works for.  Some of the more recent books in the series have seemed a bit cookie cutter but this one is intriguing and a real page-turner.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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