Sunday, October 2, 2016

The American Girl by Kate Horsley

The world is taken by storm when a young girl stumbles out of a forest in France onto a road where she is hit by a car and taken to a hospital.  It turns out that the girl, Quinn Perkins, is an American exchange student.  She is in a coma and cannot tell anyone what has happened to her.  Even more ominously, when the police visit her exchange family, the Blavettes, it turns out that the entire family is missing.  What has occurred?  Does Quinn know the answers?

Local and international media descend on the small French town but it is a story with no answers, just lots of waiting at the hospital for Quinn to wake up or for the occasional police briefing with no new information.  Online journalist Molly Swift isn't one to wait around.  She worms her way into the hospital and then into Quinn's room by pretending to be Quinn's aunt.  Will she break the story of what happened before she is found out?

Kate Horsley has written an intriguing thriller that will pull readers into a world of secrets and intrigue.  The plot is slowly unfolded and the reader realizes that what has seemed sure is anything but sure and that nothing is as it originally seems.  Sympathies are given then removed as secrets are revealed.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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