Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

The hunt is over.  Female serial killer Cara Lindstrom is in jail in San Francisco.  FBI Agent Matthew Roarke has spent months getting his case to this point.  The fact that he is intensely drawn to Lindstrom doesn't mean he is willing to abdicate his legal obligations to prosecute Cara for her crimes.

But it seems the murders aren't over.  Another pimp is killed and this time the top suspect is a sixteen year old runaway who has been staying at the local shelter.  Jade knows the victim and was one of his stable of girls.  The biggest issue for Roarke is that the razor used to kill this victim is the same one Cara used in her sprees.  This introduces legal questions into Cara's arrest and her lawyer is determined to get Cara released due to the inconsistencies.  More murders happen and there seems to be a cult starting in the streets; a cult that is determined to end female victimization and punish the men that participate.  This is the same motive that drives Cara.

When Cara is released, Roarke and his team are torn.  Do they stay in San Francisco where it seems new murders that fit the profile happen nightly or do they try to follow to other cities where murders also seem to fit the case?  As the team races to make an arrest, the murders pile up and the cult worshipping the murderer strengthens.  Who will win?

This is the third in Alexandra Sokoloff's series about the female serial killer, Cara Lindstrom.  Cara was the victim of a mass family murder when she was a child and that experience plus the foster care she suffered afterward has turned her into a killing machine determined that others will not suffer as she has.  The tension between Lindstrom and Roarke fuels the action and the pace is fast and intricate.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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