Friday, October 3, 2014

The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

Jodi and Todd have what looks like a dream life.  They live in a lakefront condo in Chicago.  He is an entreprenuer, a real estate developer and contractor.  She works from their home part-time as a psychologist, her patients limited to those who are stuck in their lives and need help moving forward.  Their lives are measured and routine, restful and full of peace.

Except.  Except that Todd is a serial adulterer.  Except that Jodi denies that there is an issue.  Except that Todd is bored with the peaceful routine.  Except that Jodi doesn't know what to do except continue to do what she has always done even though it isn't working anymore. 

Then the routine changes.  Todd's latest girlfriend is more serious than the others; he credits her with pulling him out of a midlife crisis.  Soon she is pushing him to leave Jodi and move in with her.  As usual, Todd says nothing at home, letting Jodi spoil him and enjoying the creature comforts she provides in their home.  Finally, when he can balance no longer, he makes his choice and sets a disaster in motion.

A.S.A. Harrison has written a chilling narrative of what goes on below the surface in a marriage.  It's common knowledge that you can never understand a relationship from the outside; Harrison delves deeply inside.  She shows how denial can be as great a relationship issue as more overt ones are.  The reader is swept along, step by step, to tragedy.  This book is recommended to mystery and women literature readers.

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Unknown said...

I almost liked this more than Gone Girl!