Saturday, October 4, 2014

Booksie's Shelves, October 3, 2014

October is here and fall can't be denied!  It's time for pumpkins, blazing fall colors and cooler weather.  Perfect reading weather and I've been busy getting books to read.  Here's what's come through the door:

1.  First Impressions, Charlie Lovett, mystery, sent by publisher
2.  Blond Cargo, John Lansing, mystery, sent by publisher
3.  The Monogram Murders, Sophie Hannah, sent by publisher
4.  Hieroglyph, Neal Stephenson, anthology, sent by publisher
5.  Hanging Hill, Mo Hayder, mystery, take-one shelf at Sports Center
6.  Rooms, Lauren Oliver, literary fiction, sent by publisher
7.  Down Solo, Earl Javorsky, mystery, sent by publisher
8.  The Killer Next Door, Alex Marwood, mystery, sent by publisher
9.  Moriarty, Anthony Horowitz, mystery, sent for book tour
10.  The Vineyard, Michael Hurley, literary fiction, sent by author

Here's what I'm currently reading:

1.  The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of The Year, Volume 6, various, Kindle
2.  Beautiful Ruins, Jess Walter, paperback
3.  The Rule Of Nine, Steve Martini, hardback
4.  The Flamethrowers, Rachel Kushner, Kindle Fire
5.  Sold For Endless Rue, Madeleine Robins, hardback
6.  New York, Edward Rutherfurd, paperback
7.  The Rise And Fall Of Great Powers, Tom Rachman, paperback
8.  The Paying Guests, Sarah Waters, Kindle Fire
9.  The Death Box, J.A. Kerley, paperback
10.  Night Film, Marisha Pessl, paperback
11.  The Sharp Hook Of Love, Sherry Jones, paperback
12.  Bittersweet, Miranda Beverly-Whitemore, paperback
13.  The Hidden Ones, Nancy Madore, paperback
14.  The Lost Tribe Of Coney Island, Claire Prentice, paperback

 Happy Reading!

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