Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Dirty Book Murder by Thomas Shawver

Michael Bevan is a bookseller.  He fell into selling books after his legal career and his time as a professional rugby player.  When checking out an auction one day, he spots some rare erotica books, as well as one famous book by Colette, inscribed to Ernest Hemingway.  He realizes that he is looking at a goldmine.  However, he quickly spots a rival, Gareth Hughes, who also knows what a treasure is about to be auctioned.

Michael and Gareth agree to partner on the deal, but both are outbid by a mystery bidder.  Resigned, Michael leaves, but notices Gareth slipping the Colette volume under his coat.  That night, he sees him in a bar and confronts him about the theft.  They have words that lead to a physical confrontation.  Thrown out, they agree outside that they are too old for such nonsense and part on good terms.

However, someone isn't ready to let things go.  Gareth's body is found in the river the next morning, and there is evidence that ties Michael to the murder.  He goes undercover to try to discover why anyone would murder Gareth and set him up.  His investigation leads to the top society of the town and the dirty secrets they want to ignore.

Thomas Shawver has written an entertaining mystery about book-selling and the issues found in the book world.  The protagonist, Michael, is an interesting man; one you'd like to have a beer with and discuss books.  The reader is caught up in the mystery and the scandals Michael uncovers.  This book is recommended for mystery fans.

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