Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reckless by Andrew Gross

Ty Hauck gave up his right to investigate local crimes when he retired from the police force and joined a private security firm.  But when he hears about the family that is murdered, and realizes that the wife is a former friend, he can't help but shadow the investigation.  The husband was a big-shot on Wall Street, a trader who bought and sold stocks with values in the billions.  After his death, the discovery is made that he has been dealing outside the rules and his exposure brings down the firm.  Then another trader at another firm also is killed and his firm faces extinction.

About the same time, Hauck is asked to look into the background of the new boyfriend of a local wealthy woman.  The more he looks into the man's background, the shadier he seems and it seems that he is connected somehow to the murders that have been occurring.  Hauck teams up with Treasury Agent Naomi Blum to figure out what is going on and how the murders are involved.  Before they know it, they uncover a vast conspiracy that could wreck the financial markets of the world.  Can they find those responsible before everything crashes down?

Andrew Gross has written a fast-paced thriller that ties into the financial instability that occurred in 2008, and had investors and everyone else fearful.  This is the third Ty Hauck mystery and Ty's background is filled in for the reader.  Even those who don't follow the markets will be compelled to follow the story and see what happens.  This book is recommended for mystery lovers.

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