Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hollywood Ending by Lucie Simone

Trina Stewart is at a crossroads.  She came to Hollywood ten years ago to make a career.  Unfortunately, she is stuck.  Stuck in a dead-end job, teaching English to foreign students.  Stuck without a relationship.  Stuck emotionally, unable to get over the trauma of her mother's death years before as it made her feel abandoned and unready to trust.

But maybe, maybe things are looking up.  She has a new gorgeous boyfriend, a would-be actor she met when her rich friend took her out to dinner and he was their limo driver.  Even more intriguing, a new man has moved in upstairs, and she felt an instant attraction to him.  Matiu is a New Zealand Maori, in Hollywood to take a course in set design.  He seems attracted to Trina, then they have a misunderstanding and both leave, determined to have nothing more to do with each other.

But that attraction is still there.  Trina has never had two men fighting for her favors.   Which should she concentrate on?  Is there a chance of a permanent relationship with either of them?  And what about that career she should be working on?

Lucie Simone has written an engaging, frothy romance that will entrance readers and leave them determined to discover how Trina's life will turn out.  This book is recommended for readers ready for some light-hearted fun.

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