Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ansel Adam In The National Parks, edited by Andrea Stillman

This large volume of Ansel Adam's photographs is a perfect Christmas gift for anyone interested in nature or art.  The book reviews Ansel Adam's life, with excerpts from statements ranging from President Jimmy Carter to Wallace Stegner to Richard Woodward.  At the back of the book are several pages of photographs with notes by Andrea Stillman.  Stillman worked with Adams in the 1970's and is considered the leading expert on his work, having edited several books of his photographs.

Then there are the photos.  Page after page of treasures, these photographs allow the reader to view nature as Adams did and marvel at it's wonders.  The book focuses on his photographs taken in National Parks.  There are 225 images, 50 of which have never before been published.  Many of the photographs have sidebars giving insight into what Adams was doing at the time the photograph was taken.  He visited and shot images in more than forty national parks.  The images are taken in black and white, showing the stark beauty of the world, highlighting the natural wonder as seen through this man's eyes and knowledge.

Adams is recognized world-wide as one of the world's premier photographers and naturalists.  His work on behalf of the national park system of the United States defined his career and make his work instantly recognizable.  This book is recommended for those readers interested in the world around them, or for those interested in art history.  Ansel Adams In The National Parks is a stunning work that will be treasured by those who own it.


Ann Summerville said...

Ansel Adams' work is beautiful. I remember seeing an exhibition of his in Los Angeles.

Sandie said...

That must have been magnificent.