Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Probability Angels by Joseph Devon

Matthew is a new probability angel. He is still learning how he became one, what it all means, and what he can now do. A person becomes a probability angel when they give their life so that another can live. Matthew did that when he chose to be shot during a robbery, saving his wife. Probability angels work individually with humans, pushing them in life situations. They have photographs of all the probabilities that a situation's outcome could have, and the angel pushes the human towards one. As the book opens, Matthew is working with a priest at a wedding, who is sobbing in the bathroom. His crisis? He is in love with the bride. Matthew pushes him, and the priest leaves to resolve the issue and confront the bride.

There are many other angels. Epp is one of the most influential. Born a slave thousands of years ago, he has worked with so many people and has so many skills that he serves as a resource and leader for newbies. Kyo is a former samurari. He has also been an angel for many hundreds of years, but is different in some ways, as he refuses to push humans. There is Mary, a former nun who is now a gorgeous woman. There are many others, and they all know each other and work together in a loosely organized way.

But all is not perfect. Probability angels get life energy from pushing humans. There are those who get tired of the work and stop pushing. They turn into zombie-like creatures, who eventually start to eat angels for energy. There is conflict and positioning for power in the angel structure. Hector is the leader of these dissidents. He wants to be the probability angel leader and starts a war targeting Epp and those close to him. His army is made of the zombies and some angels who are loyal to him. There is an epic battle for leadership of the angels and how their work will be structured for the coming centuries.

I would love to meet this author. Anyone with this much imagination, who can write such a sustained fantasy, must have a unique mind and would be fascinating to talk with. This book is recommended for fantasy and sci-fi readers, as well as readers looking for an offbeat read. Devon has created an alternate world and made it come alive. His characters are well developed and believable. The reader is taken to another world and lives in that possibility while reading. This is an interesting book that I won't soon forget.

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Jess said...

First time hearing about this book and it sounds great -- very intense. Thanks for the great review!