Monday, February 13, 2023

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zavin


They met in a California children's hospital.  Sam was there for damage to his leg after the wreck which killed his mother.  Sadie was there because her parents needed to be there for her sister who had leukemia.  They became best friends in the children's game room as each of them were gamers.  But after a misunderstanding, their friendship came to an end.

Years later, they meet again by chance in Boston where both had chosen to attend university.  Their past quarrel forgotten, they become friends again and decide to create a game together.  Sam's roommate, Marx, supplied the third person who took care of all the business, scheduling and coordination needed to make a project successful.  Successful it was with the game, Ichigo, becoming a multimillion dollar best seller.  The three of them are young and successful and rich.  Their company moves to California and turns out hit after hit.

Over the years, Sam and Sadie's friendship waxes and wanes.  Sometimes they are closer than anyone else in their lives and sometimes they are barely speaking.  Each of them have lovers but their relationship is always there.  

This book has received rave reviews from everyone and I loved it.  It feels like a realistic portrayal of a long-term friendship and the gaming world in which it was set was interesting to me.  Most people will fall in love with Marx, who is a good guy who holds everything together and who keeps the two friends on an even keel.  There is laughter and tears, love and betrayal, closeness and distance in this story of three peoples' lives over the years.  This book is recommended for readers of literary fiction.

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