Thursday, August 11, 2022

All I See Is You by Charlotte Barnes


M has what looks like an ordinary life.  She did well in school and now works as a graphic designer at a publishing firm.  She is close with both her parents although they are divorced and has friends.  But there are things that make M less ordinary.  Since she was a girl, she has had blackouts.  Her counselor says she should try to remember all the things she has blocked out but M senses there are pitfalls in her memories she doesn't want to deal with.  M doesn't have a boyfriend except for Caleb.  Caleb is the man who lives across from her apartment and M spends hours watching him and following his social media.  She watches him with girlfriends and knows his schedule inside and out.

When Caleb goes missing, things start to crack.  M starts to remember more about the things she has suppressed, the main one being a girl in her school class who was killed as they were all graduating.  Her case has never been solved but M has flashbacks to the last night the classmates all spent together.  She also suspects that Caleb's disappearance may have connections to her but who knows?

Charlotte Barnes has created a character in M that the reader will not soon forget.  Should they be sympathetic to M and her issues or is she to be avoided at all costs?  What is the price of M's attention?  I listened to this novel and the narrator did a great job.  She has the perfect accent to indicate someone of M's family background and gives the reader a sense of the slowing emerging pictures M needs to deal with.  This book is recommended for psychological thriller readers. 

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