Thursday, May 5, 2022

Bob Goes To Jail by Rob Sedgwick


Rob Sedgwick was born into a wealthy, talented family.  They lived in houses with sixteen bedrooms in New York City, houses with art from names such as Jackson Pollock on the walls.  Rob had two siblings, Kyra Sedgwick, the actress and Nicco, who is an artist.  Rob was an actor with roles in movies and on soap operas.  But apparently that wasn't enough.  From an early age, Rob and his friends experimented with drugs and soon were heavy users.  In his twenties, Rob agreed with a friend to let his grandparent's house, where he was staying while they toured Europe, serve as a safe house for a large marijuana operation.  Rob was thrilled with the money he got and the swagger he acquired as a drug dealer.  He dated a stripper and delighted in taking his friends to watch her perform.  His fantasy world crashed when the DEA showed up at the door and arrested him and the rest of the crew.

Rob was facing jail, perhaps five years or more.  But his family jumped to his defense.  Rob immediately started cooperating with the DEA, naming his accomplices and detailing the operation.  His family obtained an expensive lawyer who gave Rob a checklist of activities to perform before the trial.  Eventually he had his day in court, where he got a four year sentence which was suspended.

Many readers will find this memoir a fun read.  I was less entranced.  The story of rich kids doing whatever they wanted, running wild in New York City and various vacation homes was not appealing.  The contempt he had towards women, ditching his long time girlfriend when she got pregnant and going to prostitutes left a bad taste for me.  While the book was paced in an entertaining fashion and has gotten good reviews from many readers, others will find themselves more appalled than entertained.  This book is recommended for those interested in the New York rich and famous.  

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