Wednesday, September 29, 2021

A Dark And Secret Place by Jen Williams


Heather Evans returns home for the first time in many years after her mother's death.  A former journalist, Heather is baffled by her mother's suicide and determined to find out what led to it.  As she reconnects with old friends, she learns that the area is once again being haunted by the disappearance and murder of young women.  Even worse, the murders are an exact replica of murders that plagued the area years ago, those of The Red Wolf.

As Heather investigates her mother's death, she learns a secret her mother hid for years.  Her mother was a correspondent of The Red Wolf for years.  How could that be?  Was her mother one of those women who idolize serial killers?  What would draw her to this man, Michael Reaves?

Then another surprising call.  DI Ben Parker tells Heather that Michael Reaves wants to talk to her.  The police suspect that the new murders are being done by a copycat killer who idolizes Reaves but he refuses to talk to them.  He insists that he will only talk to Heather.  Will Heather find the courage to talk with Michael?  Will she find out how her mother was involved with him?  Can she find out what Reaves knows about the copycat?

Jen Williams has written a taut thriller that will keep readers involved.  The mystery is revealed in surprising pieces and the book goes in directions that can't be expected.  Heather is not a heroic character; indeed the reader may not like her much at all.  But she is the character that is in a unique position to discover the secrets around the The Red Wolf murders both past and present and Williams does a great job keeping the reader in anticipation throughout the book.  This book is recommended for mystery and thriller readers.

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