Friday, July 10, 2020

Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale

When journalist Emma Skye comes to, she finds herself in the hospital.  She doesn't remember why she is there but her husband, Damien, tells her she has been in a car accident.  But there's more.  She was five months pregnant with their baby, Simon, and he did not survive an emergency Caesarean delivery.  Emma is shocked not from grief but because she doesn't remember Simon.  She doesn't even remember being pregnant.

After she goes home, she tries to recover her memories.  She remembers most things from her past.  She remembers falling in love and marrying Damien, who is a technology superstar with his own cybersecurity firm.  She remembers her parents dying when she was six as well as losing her best friend when she was fifteen.  But the events leading up to the accident continue to elude her and for some reason Damien is reluctant to talk about it with her.

After going back to work, she receives a plum assignment.  She is given the cover story of Nathan, a TV star who specializes in extreme sports.  She is shocked to discover that she has been given the assignment because she had started it last summer but the article was unexpectedly pulled.  She doesn't remember why nor does she remember Nathan.

When she goes to interview him, she has to confess that she doesn't remember him or their time together when she started the assignment.  He definitely remembers her and from his reaction to her, apparently they had forged a close relationship.  She doesn't know how close but her physical attraction to him and his to her suggests that it was more than professional.  Could she have been in love with him?  Did it have anything to do with her accident and loss of Simon?

Kerry Lonsdale has written an intriguing tale of a young professional woman, determined to have a career and a satisfying love life along with a family.  She relates the issues in trying to have it all and the story twists and turns as Emma begins to realize that secrets can kill any relationship.  Readers will find themselves plunging deeper into the story as it changes direction again and again.  This book is recommended for readers of women's fiction. 

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