Monday, March 30, 2020

Easy Prey by John Sandford

As soon as Lucas Davenport got the call, he knew this case was going to be trouble.  Alie'e Maison is one of the top ten models in the world.  When she is killed at a party after a photographic shoot the media went wild.  When another woman's body is discovered at the same crime scene stuffed in a closet, the tension and expectations on the police racket up even more.  As with all top crimes, Lucas and his team are called to head up the investigation.

None of the things they discover cool down the media storm.  There's the fact that Alie'e's body is full of drugs.  There is evidence that she has had sex shortly before her murder.  The fact that the party was full of rich, connected people just makes things even more difficult.

But the killings don't stop there.  As the days go by, others around Alie'e or connected to her are also killed.  The main suspect is an evangelical preacher who was in Alie'e's world but Lucas isn't convinced.  In fact, he isn't even convinced that Alie'e was the real target that started off the murders that keep spiraling outward.

In his personal life, Lucas is busy balancing women.  His college girlfriend has shown up after all these years, in a midlife crisis and wondering if she is still attractive to men.  Another model connected to the investigation has her sights on Lucas and he can't help looking back.  Then there is Weather.  He also married her but that blew up when she got in the sightline of one of his cases and was almost killed.  Now she seems to be recovered a bit and perhaps interested in seeing Lucas again.

This is the eleventh book in the Prey series centered around Lucas Davenport.  Fans know what they are getting when they open the book.  They will be reading a solid mystery with twists and turns, told from the viewpoint of a unique investigator.  Lucas has the ability to step back from the chaos of a murder investigation and see through all the extraneous material to the heart of the motive.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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