Friday, November 22, 2019

All The Paths Of Shadow by Frank Tuttle

Meralda has quite a task before her.  She is the new Mage of her kingdom, Tirlin.  She is young and there are those who don't believe she is up to the task.  Especially since she is the first woman to ever hold the title.  King Yvin appointed her as she was the brightest student to come through the academy in history and she had the backing of the former occupants of her office, but she hasn't really solidified his support.

Tirlin is facing a momentous occasion.  All the countries around, including the mysterious country of Hang, have arrived in the capital to sign peace accords.  It is the biggest event in anyone's memory and King Yvin is determined that everything will be perfect.  He calls Meralda to him and gives her the task.  She is to move the shadow of the Tower from where he will be giving his speech after the accord is signed.  Surely she can do a little thing like move a shadow, right?

As Meralda thinks of how she can accomplish this, she visits the Tower.  The Tower is the biggest structure in the kingdom and it throws a huge shadow.  More importantly, it is rumored to be haunted and those who dare to enter are never seen in the same shape again.  As Meralda explores the Tower with the help of her bodyguards, she learns a secret that can destroy the country.  Add in those who are working against her and the accords and her job seems impossible.  Can Meralda save her country?

This is the first book in a trilogy about Meralda.  This series is more of a young adult science fiction.  The magic Meralda uses is based in solid mathematics and her struggles as the first woman in her position ring true.  It is not very violent and the romance in it is quite tame.  Readers of the appropriate age will enjoy reading about Meralda and her abilities and challenges.  This book is recommended for young adult science fiction readers.

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