Friday, January 25, 2019

Quietus by Vivian Schilling

Kylie O'Rouke can't believe that tragedy has hit her family again.  When she was a child in Savannah, Georgia, her mother and younger brother were killed in a car crash.  A few years later, her older brother overdosed as a result of that accident and losing his family.  When she met and married Jack, she felt like her luck was finally turning.

Now, she and Jack and her best friend Amelia and her husband are facing death again.  After a two week vacation, they are returning to Boston and get a ride on a private jet, rented by a group of lawyers desperate to get back that night.  Now that jet is caught in a snowstorm and is about to go down.  Surely, the gods won't allow such a thing to happen again.  But happen it does.  All aboard die, except Kylie, Jack, Amelia, her husband, Dix, and one of the lawyers who had insisted on flying in that horrible weather.

After a stay in the hospital, Kylie and Jack are released back to their lives, restoring old historical buildings in Boston.  Things seem fine but it's soon apparent that they are not.  The strain of survivor guilt follows the pair and soon Jack is drinking heavily again and gambling.  Kylie and Jack's brother try to pull him out of his funk, but he seems caught up in it.  Soon Kylie begins to see a figure following her at odd times, and that figure turns into a man, a man who seems familiar and compelling to her.  Kylie has multiple encounters with him and then recovers a childhood memory that is so horrific that she has repressed it her entire adult life.  Now she believes that she and her friends were meant to die on that plane and that this apparition is from the afterlife to bring her there since she has exceeded her natural lifetime.

Everyone around her insists that she is wrong and that she needs medical help, but Kylie is convinced of her truth.  She spirals out of control and as she does, tragedies pile up over and over in her life.  Will Kylie manage to survive against what she believes is a predetermined fate?

Vivian Schilling has written a haunting and suspenseful novel that will take the reader into a mindset that the reader must decide is either one of truth and horror, or one that is self-imposed and clinically disturbed.  The events pile on until the reader is as frantic as Kylie to do anything to make the horror stop.  Schilling is a filmmaker as well as a novelist and that background gives her the insight to make the story visually compelling in the reader's mind.  This book is recommended for readers of horror and suspense novels.

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