Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Darkness More Than Night by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch is caught up in a sensational trial.  A movie director has killed a star during rough sex and Harry was both the arresting officer and the star witness at his trial.  It has everything needed to draw media attention and the news reporters and television anchors are out in force.  Bosch and the prosecutors believe the defendant has killed other women the same way but only have enough evidence to try him on this case.

Terry McCaleb couldn't be more opposite in his life choices.  A former FBI profiler, he retired when his health took a serious turn and now runs a charter service for weekend fishermen.  He has remarried and has a son and newborn daughter.  His focus is on his job and family or at least until a former colleague on the LAPD asks his help in reviewing a murder case.

McCaleb can't resist.  His skills haven't rusted and he misses his old life more than he allows himself to admit.  As he works on his case, he is surprised to find that his path crosses that of Bosch whom he knew slightly in his former life.  As the cases both continue, the two detectives find that there is more and more overlap between their work and they find themselves at odds.  Who will wrap up their case and how will it affect the other man?

This is the seventh book in the Harry Bosch series and the one that serves as the basis for the third season of the Bosch series on Amazon Prime.  The book follows the police procedural format of the other Bosch cases.  The interplay between the two men and their take on law enforcement adds to the inherent drama of the murder cases being investigated.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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