Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Storm Runners by T. Jefferson Parker

Matt Stromsoe is putting his life back together.  Two years ago, he was happily married with a child.  Then, his work as a policeman put him in direct confrontation with his best friend growing up.  Mike Tavarez had gone in a different direction than Mike, rising to become the head of one of Southern California's most vicious gangs.  Matt's wife had earlier been Mike's girlfriend so there was also a personal rivalry between the two.  When things blew up, so did Matt's life.  A bomb meant for him instead killed his wife and child and left him scarred physically and mentally.

Now he is trying to put his life back together.  No longer able to do police work, he tries to start over by joining a private investigation firm.  His first assignment seems like a simple one.  A local television weather lady, Frankie Hatfield, has come to the firm about a stalker she has picked up.  When Matt takes on the case, he sees that more is going on than a crazed fan.  Frankie is a scientist first and a weather reporter second.  She is working on a method to enhance rainfall, one that will make her rich while improving lives.  But there are those who don't want her to succeed.  Before all is done, Matt will be battling a large corporation with ties to his enemy, Mike.  Who will win this latest confrontation?

T. Jefferson Parker is an established name in the genre of thriller mysteries.  His characters are simple men whose sense of truth and justice makes it impossible for them to let injustices stand without working to fix the situation.  This novel is his fourteenth in an impressive career and readers will enjoy learning more about weather as well as watching the interplay between good and evil.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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