Sunday, June 5, 2016

Booksie's Shelves, June 5, 2016

I read a pitiful seven books in May.  I was consumed all month with a myriad of tasks associated with a high school graduation, a last dance recital, college math placement exam, last chorus concert and getting ready for company.  We had a glorious graduation and we're all ready for the next step in June when we go to my daughter's college (University of South Carolina) for orientation.  In the midst of all this, I decided I needed to weed out some books, mainly so the company coming wouldn't see all the out of control stacks.  Here's a picture of some of the books before their journey to Goodwill.
In all, I took 356 books to Goodwill, and another dozen are headed to the gym where we have a leave one, take one bookshelf.  I have more weeding out to do, and then hopefully more time for reading instead of manipulating the teetering piles.

Here's what's come through the door lately:

1.  The Far Empty, J. Todd Scott, mystery, sent by publisher
2.  Blue Nile, Virginia Morell, travel, from gym bookshelf
3.  The Whale, Mark Beauregard, literary fiction, sent by publisher
4.  Did You Ever Have A Family, Bill Clegg, purchased
5.  Someone Must Die, Sharon Potts, mystery, sent by publisher
6.  Brain Storm, Elaine Viets, mystery, sent by publisher
7.  The Mermaid's Secret, Katie Schickel, fantasy, sent by publisher
8.  Under The Harrow, Flynn Berry, mystery, sent by publisher
9.  The God Wave, Patrick Hemstreet, thriller, sent by publisher
10.  The Light Of Paris, Eleanor Brown, literary fiction, sent by publisher
11.  All The Time In The World, Caroline Angell, literary fiction, sent by publisher
12.  The Secrets She Kept, Brenda Novak, mystery, sent by publisher

Here's what I'm currently reading:
1.  The Maid's Version, Daniel Woodrell, Kindle Fire
2.  The Man In The Monster, Martha Elliot, Kindle
3.  The Infidel Stain, M.J. Carter, paperback
4.  The Lore Of The Evermen, James Maxwell, audio
5.  A Drop In The Ocean, Jenni Ogden, paperback
6.  Gone, Mo Hayder, hardcover
7.  The Bird Eater, Ania Ahlborn, audio

Happy Reading!

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