Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Hidden Relic by James Maxwell

Things continue to get worse for the heroes in the Everman series.  The Emperor's armies are now under the control of the Primate, the leader of the territory that produces essence.  Essence fuels all the magic in the various areas and so the Primate has historically been neutral.  But this Primate is power-mad, determined to unite all the lands under his rule.  He has learned a new way to use essence to control men and bend them to his rule.  He is willing to use any strategy or man to further his goals.

Milo and Ella stand against him.  Milo is the military head of the resistance and Ella is an enchantress.  As the primate cuts off the flow of essence, the war must be fought without the magic that has always enhanced the military. Things don't look good, but Milo is a master strategist and the resistance starts to make headway.

Meanwhile, Ella has returned to the desert and Prince Ilathor who also hopes to conquer the Primate and put an end to his evil.  She helps him march towards the Primate's stronghold from one direction while Milo moves from the other.  Each also finds love, Ella with the Prince and Milo rediscovers a former love he let slip away.  There is also countermagic occurring. A mysterious figure is determined to put an end to the Primate and his power before he can discover the most ancient and powerful relic in existence, and use it to further his conquests.  Ella's former love interest, Killian, helps this mysterious man in his attempts to neutralize the ancient magic that could end them all.

This is the second book in the Everman series.  Readers who enjoyed the first volume will find the same ingredients and enjoyment in this one.  The story moves at the right pace with much military battle strategy and love interests that aren't yet resolved.  This book is recommended for fantasy readers. 

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